Theoretical price examples based on a return flight within one day :


The following colors represent the estimated flight time to reach the destination from our database:

  • Orange: Less than 1 hour flight time
  • Green: Between 1 and 2 hours flight time
  • Blue: Between 2 and 3 hours flight time
  • Red Between 3 and 4 hours flight time
  • Light gray: Between 4 and 5 hours flight time
  • Dark gray: Over 5 hours flight time

Our Prices


A flight with Get1Jet involves the use of an aircraft and airport services. All costs are described in the points below.


Using the Pilatus

The Pilatus PC12 price comprises the fuel, the provision of the crew, the provision of the aeroplane and administrative costs. Prices are in Euros without VAT. VAT is 10% for domestic flights and does not apply to international flights. In case of airplane immobilisation of one or two nights a fee of 700 Euros all taxes included per night will be charged.

  • Return flight

The flight hour when booking a return flight is billed at the price of 2400 Euros plus VAT.

  • One way flight

The flight hour when booking a one-way flight is charged at the price of 2400 Euros plus VAT. The way flight necessarily involves one or more flight (s) positioning described below.

  • Flight positioning

The airplane positioning costs, in case of flight(s) including a departure and / or a different arrival of the airplane’s home base, will be charged at the price of 1600 Euros plus VAT per hour of theoretical flight.


Airport services

  • Stopover airport

Using your departure airport and / or arrival airport may require the use of different services invoiced by the platform.

  • Landing fees, parking and lighting.

  • Passenger fee.

  • Ground handling.

  • Hourly airport extension.

The Pilatus PC12 allows to land on airports where these services are limited to a landing fee only. Whenever possible and depending on your destination, Get1Jet will choose these airports in order to limit the additional costs for these services.

  • Castellet Airport

Service at Le Castellet Airport are not charged during a departure and / or arrival in the opening hours.

The opening hours of Le Castellet Airport are from 9am to 6pm in the summer and from 9 am to 5pm in the winter. Apart from these hours, time extension fees of the airport apply.

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