Get1Jet offers you an unrivaled flexibility and multiple advantages.

• Total freedom in the choice of your destination from over 3,000 airports in Europe. Our Pilatus PC12 lands nearer your destination, even if the runway is made of grass.

• Take-off when and where you want. Our team is at your disposal to help you with your travel schedule based on your requirements.

• Saving time and energy avoiding the lengthy paperwork and inconvenience of airports when traveling on scheduled airline.

Your Security is our priority.

• All our flights are performed by a Flight Captain and a First Officer to ensure your welcome and assisting you before, during and after the flight.

• Our Pilatus PC12 is equipped with the latest equipment for flight safety. It includes a modern Honeywell avionics allowing pilots to know their flight environment at all times and in all weathers.

Get1Jet optimise your working environment.

• The cabin of our Pilatus PC12 is a private and confidential place where you can have a meeting away from all indiscretions and offers a quiet workspace.

• The aeroplane has an internet connection available during the cruise allowing you to stay in touch with your office, your clients and your family.

• Our aircraft is equipped with facilities to help you to relax during your flight and has toilets.

• Comfort in business aviation travels increases your performance and concentration. The productivity of managers and their colleagues improves considerably.

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